Will I have a 9-5 lifestyle as an intern at Apple?

Work-life balance is really what you make of it in DFM R&D, as well as how well you're able to get your work done. The expected hours to be at work for my team was 10AM-4PM, but often times you need to be in earlier to get work done or attend meetings, and more likely than not, you'd need to stay...
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Is it true Apple offers a mentorship program or not?

Usually, you would get a mentor on the same team and relevant to the project you are working on. They are helpful in getting you up to speed and giving you guidance when you face any challenges. They encourage you to try hard and make mistakes and they understand that you are just an intern and y...
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What exactly does someone in the "Design for Manufacturability, Research & Development" department do at Apple?

DFM R&D stands for Design for Manufacturability, Research & Development. A little background to understand what DFM R&D is about: when you make products such as phones, iPads, etc. there are generally industry established manufacturing processes that are used to make each component that goes into...
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Is there any form of upper level support working at Apple in the sales department?

A lot and then as much as you need. Honestly, thats the best way to describe it. You can go in knowing everything there is to know about apple and they will proceed to reteach it all to you their way to ensure you actually understand it all. If you are ever confused, or ever overwhelmed there are...
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What does it take to excel as a Software Tester?

Communication skills is most valuable aside from the technical skills. The ability to write bug reports, describe software errors, empathise with coworkers, and reason critically are essential to the job. Technical skills are also important - such as programming, systems analysis, usability - a...
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In your experience, does Apple actually uphold to their company values?

When I worked at Apple and when Steve Jobs was still alive, the core values were strictly adhered: focus on the customer and protection of customer's privacy/data. The focus on the user is important because before anything can be designed or manufactured, we need to understand the customer's pro...
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Will a software tester be held accountable for their work at Apple?

If I understand the question correctly, will a software tester be held accountable for their work - yes. You are assigned areas to test and any reports you file on software errors (bugs) are used for traceability - this is required to fix bugs and this report is also used to verify if the bug wa...
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Necessary skills to stand out as a Product Design intern at Apple?

The most important technical skill would be proficiency with CAD. Apple uses NX, which is a very powerful CAD program that isn't usually available for students. Pretty much everyone in PD uses this on a daily basis, so you get a lot of experience in a short amount of time. Another skill you need ...
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What was the relationship like between you and Apple's upper management?

You will receive ample support from management who will supply you with a variety of projects and analysis work and will be willing to help you if you face roadblocks. FileMaker is a great workplace and many full timers within and outside of your department will be willing to meet with you for in...
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What does a normal day look like for a Specialist at Apple's retail stores?

On a normal day you go in and spend about 15-30 minutes getting settled, checking what is new in the world of Apple - things change a lot more frequently than you would think. Then you will go onto the floor and depending if you are selling products and stationed near the iPhones or in the queue ...
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What specifically does a Hardware Engineer do at Apple?

What a hardware engineer at apple does varies significantly depending on the team they work with. This could range from low level layout chip design, to gate level circuit design, or at a higher level RTL and system architecture. Typically, students take courses and work on projects/internships t...
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In general, what were your most and least favorite aspects of working at Apple?

I liked many things such as the work itself and how challenging it is. I was really given the freedom to give new ideas and even explore them and work on them. I loved that about Apple (again, this might vary with teams). What I wish was a little different is the openness about the project I was ...
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What's the structure of an interview at Apple for the financial analyst role?

During any analysis, it is important to have a clear attention to detail so small mistakes don’t turn into larger issues. I would highlight your attention to detail in any prior internships or projects. In addition, highlight any prior communication skills that you have and how it helped you achi...
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What should I need to come in knowing as an incoming data analyst at Apple?

There are two areas where you need knowledge: tools and theory. The tools may be specific to the job description. In my case, they included Splunk. You should know at least one programming language, preferably Python and/or R. You should definitely know SQL regardless. Then there is the theory wh...
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If you did a Health Technologies Co-Op at Apple, what would you say are skills I need to do well?

Someone who would be successful at Health Tech is someone who is curious, passionate, hard working, and not afraid to take initiative. Sometimes we have weeks where we are very busy and you have to be willing to put in the work, but some weeks your project may have nothing going on, and it's time...
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How do I get involved in the Health Tech team at Apple?

Something to keep in mind is that the Health Tech team will only hire people who have a masters degree. My advice would be to work hard and make an effort to get to know everyone and work on different projects with different people. If you really love your internship and what you are working on t...
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Heading into a UX/UI intern interview from any experienced students or alumni?

Some of the main qualities I’d recommend emphasizing on both your resume and interview would be the whole UX process itself. You want to make it clear that, while there is no strict formula to tackling a UX project, you understand the importance of the functions / structure of the process as a wh...
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Tips for doing well in my UX/UI interview at Apple?

Be about to talk through your UX process! Know the projects in your portfolio like the back of your hand - if you don’t have a portfolio yet, you’ll need to make one! Squarespace has plenty of templates to help you with this process. Choose and customize one that works best for your needs and ty...
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How does the intern training program differ from full-time roles at Apple?

If by training program, you mean the IS&T Intern Development Program (which is a verrrrry small subset of Apple’s intern community), it’s pretty hard to answer this question. I had a pretty rare situation as an intern, so I don’t think my experience would be very indicative of what a “typical" de...
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As a Full Stack Developer, how hectic could your work-life balance get?

There were times, when there was an urgent release (a new feature) and we had to work till morning. If there's an issues, managers/ team lead can send an email at 10 pm and you are expected to reply and fix it right now. Unlike consultants, there is no fixed schedule like 9-5 for full-time employ...
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